Hi Friends!

Hello friends! I'm so glad that you are here in my little corner of the Internet. I'm Stephanie, an artist, designer and front-end developer OBSESSED with color and code.  I create and design one-of-a-kind inspirational notebooks.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been fascinated by art and creativity.  I much preferred staying inside with my stack of coloring books, rather than going outside to play. Growing up, I took drawing, painting, dance and design classes. And, as a teenager, I was a serious notebook and pen hoarder. I’ve loved colorful and beautiful notebooks and journals since I was a kid.

As a designer by day with nearly five years of experience in print and digital design, I specialize in the design of large marketing books, magazines, complex proposals, html emails, web design and front-end development. I LOVE everything related to graphic/web design and branding. Starting a new project is like opening the page of a brand new notebook. I love the process of sitting down, meeting with a client and figuring out the very best way to share their message and story visually.

When I’m not daydreaming about an amazing creative life, you can find me running around DC, drinking a frappuccino, or traveling.

Now, a few random facts about me:

- I was born and raised in Puerto Rico
- I moved to Washington, DC on March 2013
- I love to run around DC. I've ran three half-marathons and will run my fourth one next March
- I'm a crazy cat lady
- I love donuts, cupcakes and ice cream
- My favorite color in blue-green and my favorite color combination is black and white

Feel free to connect with me via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or via email. And don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin! I LOVE connecting with new people!

Thanks for your support and hope you continue following my journey!