How to Start a Creative Business

How to Start a Creative Business by Stephanie Blondet | female entrepreneur, girl boss, boss lady, hustle, work hard, follow your dreams, inspiration

There is no better way to say this, but if you’ve been thinking about building a creative business, just do it! I’m not saying that you have to quit your job and start your own business (if you can do this, good for you!). What I’m saying is that if you’ve been thinking a lot about doing something, the best way to know if you’d like it or not is doing it.

I opened my online store five years ago for the first time. I was selling handmade notebooks for a solid year and loved it. Then, life happened and I had to technically close it. I didn’t close it per se, I always had my website live, but I wasn’t promoting it like the first time. This was fine with me because my online store was a hobby back then. It was extra income that I was bringing doing something I really liked. It took a lot of planning to start my creative business back then so I want to share what I did with you.


It was “easy” for me to start my business. I knew what my passion was (art and handmade notebooks) and I decided to focus my business doing that. If you are good at something or love doing something specific, open your business doing something creative that you really enjoy.


As soon as you decide what you want to sell (or even before), open social media accounts. I really love Instagram to showcase my photography and it is where I get most of my traffic, but you can also open a Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook account. If you have to pick one, I would suggest Instagram, and would recommend starting to share high-quality photos of your crafts right away. Behind-the-scenes photos also help because people like to know about people and their creative process.


This is extremely important if you want to be serious about your business and if you are not a graphic designer. Brand/graphic designers are experts and know about color, fonts, illustrations, etc. Having a well-thought branding is crucial if you want to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.


If you can’t develop a website, an Etsy store might be a great place to start. I opened an Etsy store before having a website, but didn’t like it and eventually designed my own website. There are a lot of free tools that help you get started right away and you don’t need coding skills to do it. If you don’t feel confident designing your website, you can hire a web designer.


You don’t have to be all set up to promote your products. You can start promoting them right away through social media. But once you have your own website (or Etsy store), you can become serious about promoting your store. Having a blog always helps too because it drives traffic to your website.


Having a business is a learning process and you will be always learning. The important thing here is to get the motivation and learn. You will learn in the process. I think it is better to start even if you don’t feel that you know it all. You will never know it all so just start and never stop learning.


With social media, your blog and your business comes fans and customers. Start building relationships with them and get to know them. I’ve found that building connections with my readers helped me to get customers.

These are a few things that I implemented when I started my online business a few years ago, and the things I implemented when opening this new blog.

Do you own a creative business/blog? What steps did you take to start it?


How to Start a Creative Business by Stephanie Blondet | female entrepreneur, girl boss, boss lady, hustle, work hard, follow your dreams, inspiration