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Make Your Dreams Happen by Stephanie Blondet | follow your dreams, work hard, dreamer, hard-worker, creative entrepreneur, small business, female entrepreneur

I believe that you came to this world to make your dreams happen. Sometimes it's hard to put our own interests before the people we love, but I think this is essential for your happiness. We all have different goals and different dreams. Some more ambitious than others, but it doesn't matter how big or how small your dream is, I think you should work towards it. There is nothing better than to work for something that you are passionate about. You feel accomplished, you learn, and you grow.





What is it that you want? What is your day dream? What keeps you up at night? I'm sure there is something that you've been wanting to do but haven't taken action. I've always been driven and ambitious. Sometimes I have a bunch of crazy ideas, but if I look at all of them at the same time, it can be overwhelming. Instead, I try to be clear about what exactly is that I want to accomplish during that timeframe.


As you already know, I've been blogging on-and-off since 2012. I knew I wanted to create a brand new blog, but never took the time to think it thoroughly. That's when I knew I needed to write an action plan. I find that every time I write something is very likely that I will accomplish it. It is necessary to write a few bullet points on how you are going to work towards your goals. You can be very specific or keep it general. You don't need to be business savvy for this. Just take a couple of minutes during your day, sit down with a pen and notebook, go to a quiet space, and start writing your action plan. You can always come back and adjust, but it's essential that you write that first action plan.


Once you have your action plan on paper, it's time to take action. Writing your goals down is probably the easiest part, taking action can be the hardest. You need to block time every day/week and force yourself to work towards your dream. Tell your friends and family if necessary. Tell them that you will be busy for x amount of time so you don't get distracted. If you have kids, try to do this while they are at school or with a family member. Writing an action plan is nothing if you don't take action. Keep that in mind!


It is essential that you make weekly or monthly assessments. Personally, I like to do it every Sunday. Every Sunday I sit down with the things I need to do to work towards my goals. I assess what I did last week, and then think about the things I need to do to keep working towards my dreams.


You will mess up. I'm sure you will write your ideas a couple of times. I also know that you will scratch your action plan a couple of times before deciding which one is the best for you. You will start working towards your dream, but you will mess up. That's ok. You are not perfect, and you need to make mistakes in order to grow.

What are you doing to make your dreams happen? Tell me below!



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Make Your Dreams Happen by Stephanie Blondet | follow your dreams, work hard, dreamer, hard-worker, creative entrepreneur, small business, female entrepreneur, inspiration