3 Things to Think Before Starting a Blog

In this technology/entrepreneurship era, it is a must to have a blog. Blogging is not for everyone and starting a blog takes a lot of time and commitment. But, I recommend if you have an online business or if you are a creative, that you create your own blog. I don’t believe in blogging every day and documenting all the things you do in your life, but I do believe in showcasing your creative process, sharing tips and ideas and connecting with others. This helps to get loyal customers and readers. The reason for this is that they get to know the voice behind the brand and connect with you and your brand. I talked about how to define your personal brand as a creative entrepreneur in a previous post that will help you get started as a blogger too.


Why are you contemplating having a blog? Is it because you want to showcase your art/crafts? Do you want to express your feelings? Do you want to share your knowledge about a certain topic? Do you want to have extra income? Think about all the reasons why you think you need a blog and write those down. Once you have a couple of ideas, it is time to think about what you want to say.


What do you want to say? Are you a lawyer that focuses on small businesses? Are you an artist thinking about opening your online store and don’t know how? Are you a social media expert and want to share your knowledge? I’m sure you have plenty of reasons. Pick one (or two or three) and focus on that. Focus on what you are passionate about and talk about that.

Five years ago, when I first opened my online store, I was blogging five days a week and sometimes six. I was so desperate to find content and I was writing about everything. I was seeing a lot of bloggers doing it so I wanted to do it as well. After two years, I burnt out and deleted my blog. I was on a blog hiatus for almost two years! This time away from blogland made me realize that it is not about the quantity, it is about the quality.


If you want to take blogging seriously, you have to think about the commitment it takes. It is a sacrifice to maintain a blog, but if you really want to be successful, it is totally worth it! I’m not saying that I’m a successful blogger, and to be honest with you, I don’t intend to be one, but I really like sharing what I know with my readers. I know that there are a lot of artists and creative entrepreneurs out there having the same struggles as I have, so I want to share what I’ve learned throughout my journey.

There you have it! These were the three things I considered before starting to blog again. I knew I wanted to reconnect with my readers and I knew I wanted to share my creative journey and adventures. So if you’ve been contemplating whether or not starting a blog, I think you should try it and see how it goes!

If you need extra resources about how to start a blog, I’ve created a Pinterest board about blogging tips. Let me know what you think and let me know the things you considered to start a blog.


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